SBUSD Procedure for Lunch Money Collections:


Our district acknowledges that on occasion students may forget lunch money.  In such cases our district allows students to charge meals.  We believe a hungry child cannot learn. Our goal is to establish consistent meal charging and collection procedures for all sites. The following steps are taken when meal charges are incurred:

  1.  A bi weekly notice will be sent home with your child upon the first meal charged.
  2.  You will receive nightly automated phone calls after your child charges 5 meals. 
  3.  On a quarterly basis, you will receive via US mail a statement of your student’s account.
  4.  If your account accrues a negative balance equal or greater than $50.00 your account may be turned over to a collection agency.
  5. If your child’s account is not paid and brought into a positive status by the end of May in a school year, your student may not be permitted to participate in non-educational activities that may include field trips, promotions, and special events.

Please note that if your student’s account is in a negative status at the end of a school year, the negative balance will be carried over into the new school year.


At any time during the year, if you believe your household may qualify for free or reduced meals please apply  on line at or you can complete a meal application available at your student’s school site or at the districts Child Nutrition office. For more information please call 619-628-5390.